April 17, 2018

New Rules Explained

New Rules Golf is the New Standard of Golf Instruction… What happened to the Old Rules?  Is this what you picture when you think of learning the golf swing?  Does it feel like you have to master fifty steps just to swing the golf club?  That’s Old Rules instruction! “If handicaps haven’t changed with all the new technology in years, should we golfers continue doing the Same Thing?” Careful, Einstein […]
April 11, 2018

Sunday Specials – EYELINE Perfect Putting Clinic

Perfect Putting is all about the ability and confidence to stand over Every putt with a no-fear knowledge that you will make it happen – ahead of time, to execute and sink every putt. Learn simple techniques in 2-hours for $150 on select Sundays for: Rest, Rock & Roll Setup – Match your build, tempo & putter for a personal style that works every time! And fit your putter to match […]
April 1, 2018

Sunday Specials – Sunday RED ZONE 1/2 Day School

The RED ZONE is the 100 yards and it to get the ball from anywhere in the scoring zone into the cup in as few shots as possible.  Since many golfers don’t have the time to spend on all these shots, we’ve combined the most common issues into one single 1 / 2 day session.  Find out how to get and learn the techniques  to beat the most common and […]