Sunday Specials – Sunday RED ZONE 1/2 Day School
April 1, 2018
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April 17, 2018
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Sunday Specials – EYELINE Perfect Putting Clinic

Perfect Putting is all about the ability and confidence to stand over Every putt with a no-fear knowledge that you will make it happen – ahead of time, to execute and sink every putt. Learn simple techniques in 2-hours for $150 on select Sundays for:

Rest, Rock & Roll Setup – Match your build, tempo & putter for a personal style that works every time! And fit your putter to match your Unique Style setup – SAVES YOU $79.95!

Speed of the Green – Green Speeds CHANGE EVERY day… Master them on Any Day on Any Green!  Use a simple process for your Unique Setup & Tempo to get to a tap-in putt!

Short Putts that stay On-Line – Get the putting stroke path on the proper line for every short putt! This virtually guarantees 2-putts per green for GREAT LOWER SCORES!

Green Reading – Read the sidehill Break from any distance to eliminate 3-putts & a chance at 1-putts!  His is the same Side Hill Green Reading Skills, you see the tour pros use!